"Working with City Stage is always a pleasure. Brian goes above and beyond to accommodate us.
He's flexible on scheduling and works within our budgets. My team and I always feel well taken care of, and having all the equipment and expendables on-site is a real lifesaver.

City Stage is always my first call, my first choice and my first recommendation for sound stages in NYC!"

Lisa Nussbaum, Unit Manager
MTV On-Air Promos, Production Management

"City Stage is a fantastic space with convenient load-in. Brian and his staff understand that each production has individual needs and are accommodating and flexible."

Justus Mclarty
Film Producer, Saturday Night Live

"Citystage is fantastic! Its intimate boutique quality makes our clients feel like rock stars. We all love the private client rooms that overlook the sound stages. The staff is incredibly helpful and flexible making it very pleasant to work there. "

B Productions of New York

"Citystage is my first call. Brian and his professional staff is always helpful, work with me on my budget, and my clients are delighted by the wonderful Chelsea location."

Mark Hubatsek
Cinnabar Pictures

"I've been shooting at City Stage for years. Their production
resources, courteous and professional staff, and prime location have
made my productions as seamless as I could hope for."

Jonathan Jacobson,
Producer, IKA Collective

"Citystage is an excellent facility and provides great service to suit all our NYC production needs. Their helpful staff goes above and beyond to ensure that our shoots are successful."

Josh Levine
Freelance Producer/PM

"Citystage has been a completely professional and totally reliable resource to film and television industries for years. Brian and his staff are understanding, accommodating flexible, affordable and convenient. Be sure to look into this centrally located facility in Manhattan."

John De Simone

"From their professional, knowledgeable, and courteous staff to the ease and pleasure of shooting on fully equipped sound stages...City Stage is always my number one stage/production facility choice when filming in NYC... truly a "home away from home".

Jennifer Pearlman
Pic Two Productions

"City Stages is one of Cause & Effect's favorite stages to film at in the city. The staff is super accommodating and the sound stages are spacious and clean. Brian Coles is a pleasure and he will do his best to work within your budgetary needs."

Cause & Effect Productions, Inc

"We've been working at City Stage for years and it is one of the finest studios around! It's always the first stage we consider when shooting in New York and you won't find a more convenient location in Manhattan. Brian Coles and the entire staff are an absolute pleasure to work with!!!"

Maryanne O'Donnell Gioannini
Executive Producer Mayhew Breen Productions

"City Stage offers us and our clients a top notch production experience with clean, state-of-the art studios, dressing rooms, and client rooms. The in-house staff is terrific and responsive to all of our needs."

Hugh Broder
Executive Producer – The Station

"City Stage is a great place to shoot! The sound stages are expansive, and they have g/e equipment and expendables readily available which comes in handy for last minute shooting needs. Not to mention, the on-site staff is very accommodating."

Ani Mandara
Production Manager for MTV On-Air Promos